Friday, October 5, 2012

Slave Driver Mommy ~ Toddler Chores

In our home we all try to pitch in on the housework. Our oldest is just moving into the stage where she can start to help out too! Here are the things we've been having Noodle Doodle either help us with or do herself (mostly help us with)

1. Dishes- She actually loves to do the dishes! We wash all of the sharp things and then hand her the scrubbie and she goes to town on those dishes. Mostly we end up washing them, and the floor, and the cabinets under the sink, but she's learning valuable skills here so why stop her.

2. Loading/Unloading the Dishwasher.- Before we quit using our dishwasher Noodle would routinely load and unload everything she could reach.

3. Picking up her toys.- If she plays with it and pulls it out from it's home, she can most likely put it back! We are working hard to help her to play with one toy at a time. It doesn't always work, but it's a start!

4. Washing cabinet fronts - When mommy cleans the cabinets, I'm a neat freak and I wash them about every two weeks if not more often, Noodle has a rag and gets to do the scrub down on the lower cabinets too.

5. Bringing things for the New baby.- Blankets, Sucky's (pacifier), Burp Cloths, Diapers; when mommy and daddy's hands are full, Noodle Doodle's hands are big help!

6. Folding (and unfolding) laundry- I just started trying to teach her how to fold washcloths. It's not perfect but she enjoys tearing through the house with our laundry!

7. Wiping up spills on the floor.- Noodle is excellent at finding every floor mess there is. Since she is such a pro at finding them, I started giving her a rag so now she even wipes them up.

8. Cooking.- Now this could maybe not be a chore to some people, but to others it is. I actually enjoy cooking, but anyways that's beside the point. Noodle helps us mix things and is eve beginning to stir things on the stove, We're teaching her about the hot and cold and in's and out's of cooking now so that hopefully she can have better luck learning how to cook as she grows up. Plus it is super cute to see her stir a bowl of flour!

So these are the basic chores we have Noodle Help us with. They are all simple enough that she can do them, but learning for her that helps her with coordination, following orders, basic homemaking skills and mostly they are fun for her!

What kind of chores do your toddlers do?

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