Thursday, January 31, 2013

Complimentary Heart Mobile for my Valentine

This year I decided that I wanted to do something different for valentines. I mean really My husband is the love of my heart on more than just valentines day right. So I'm extending valentines to include the first two weeks of February. While I think it is extremely important to make sure he knows how special he is to me on a regular basis. This is my opportunity to make a big deal out of it . . so I am.

Every day for 14 days I plan to add a string of "complimentary" hearts to the mobile. Each string contains 3 compliments for my sweetheart. 3 things I like about him. 3 things he's good at. 3 feelings towards him. You get the idea. Each is written on it's own paper shaped heart and they are strung together and they will be tied to the mobile I made out of pipe cleaners and string.

I kinda made this halfway before I decided to post it, so I'll explain how it was done as well as I can . . .

The mobile itself is a circle formed from pipe cleaners twisted together with string tied at four points along it and tied to a longer string in the center of the circle. I added some ribbon for fun.

Then I cut out paper hearts, you know the method you used in elementary school of folding paper in half and cutting teardrop shapes. Yup that's how it's done.

Next each heart got a compliment.

Then I poked holes in them and tied three to a string.

Over the next two weeks I will be tying them to the mobile 1 day at a time.

How are you planning to celebrate your Valentine this Valentine's Day?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Simple Child Pillows

I know I know you're thinking, hey I want to learn how to make that doll! The pattern is found in Meg McElwee's Book Growing up Sew Liberated
I'm showing you how to make the pillow. . Yes I know cheezy easy anyone can do it . . Here we go

Now since I didn't actually take pictures of the project my descriptions will have to be enough (they should be this is easy peasy lemon squeezy!)

Start with two pieces of fabric cut to 1/2 in longer and 1/2 inch wider than you want your final pillow to be (keep in mind that the stuffing will make it "smaller" as well when you are determining your size)

Place the fabrics right side together and sew almost completely around the border leaving about a 3 inch gap for turning and stuffing. I like to leave my gaps in the center of the end rather than at corners so that I can get a clean corner!

Turn your pillow so that the pretty fabric is on the outside.

Stuff your pillow with fiberfil or the guts from an old pillow (my daughter had a blast ripping apart an old pillow to stuff inside her new one!)

Slip stitch your seam closed.

You now have an easy pillow that id the perfect fit for your child (or project or you or you know whatever)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby Showers and Handmade Gifts

My husbands family has this thing it seems where every year there must be a new baby added (granted the last two years were my girls, but hey) so this means that in order for me to keep my sterling rep as a creative aunt, I make baby gifts. . . Blankets, toys, helpful items (maybe, hopefully?).

This time around it's my husbands little brothers first baby and it's a boy. This couple is quite a bit like us as they LOVE the outdoors and camping and all those things that might just leave this one in need of a really warm blanket. So we made a quilt-gan. Car seat sized.

I made a baby afgan and the face of a flannel quilt in baby colors and sewed them back to back for warmth. I could have also added a liner, but for the thickness and warmth the two layers had, I didn't see the need for another layer.

And then for good measure I made a stuffed turtle in the same fabrics to go with it using this tutorial (I eyeballed the pattern though)

What do you think?

What kind of baby projects do you make when attending baby showers?

Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm Back! Well sorta . . .

More awesome recipes projects and other musings are coming in 2013 but first an update . .
Our silence was not intentional I promise! The main computer in my household crashed and we're now re setting all of those fun programs and pictures and all that fun jazz that was lost! Oh and did I mention the pictures? No? I lost pictures! Sad Sad day! Luckily my husband never empties his camera so I still have all of the birth pictures for my newest wee one, but my camera, you know the one with the beautiful blog post photos and a few other kiddo pictures, I empty out regularly, I back up files onto disc periodically but since Zaba's birth I haven't done any of that! Smart huh? So my intended photos for you all have to be re-shot. In a nutshell what that means for you my dear readers, is that I will still be on a mini vaca whilst I fix and find new photos (and posts I had written in word and not uploaded yet).

Please be patient! I promise to return!