Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm Back! Well sorta . . .

More awesome recipes projects and other musings are coming in 2013 but first an update . .
Our silence was not intentional I promise! The main computer in my household crashed and we're now re setting all of those fun programs and pictures and all that fun jazz that was lost! Oh and did I mention the pictures? No? I lost pictures! Sad Sad day! Luckily my husband never empties his camera so I still have all of the birth pictures for my newest wee one, but my camera, you know the one with the beautiful blog post photos and a few other kiddo pictures, I empty out regularly, I back up files onto disc periodically but since Zaba's birth I haven't done any of that! Smart huh? So my intended photos for you all have to be re-shot. In a nutshell what that means for you my dear readers, is that I will still be on a mini vaca whilst I fix and find new photos (and posts I had written in word and not uploaded yet).

Please be patient! I promise to return!


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