Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Simple Child Pillows

I know I know you're thinking, hey I want to learn how to make that doll! The pattern is found in Meg McElwee's Book Growing up Sew Liberated
I'm showing you how to make the pillow. . Yes I know cheezy easy anyone can do it . . Here we go

Now since I didn't actually take pictures of the project my descriptions will have to be enough (they should be this is easy peasy lemon squeezy!)

Start with two pieces of fabric cut to 1/2 in longer and 1/2 inch wider than you want your final pillow to be (keep in mind that the stuffing will make it "smaller" as well when you are determining your size)

Place the fabrics right side together and sew almost completely around the border leaving about a 3 inch gap for turning and stuffing. I like to leave my gaps in the center of the end rather than at corners so that I can get a clean corner!

Turn your pillow so that the pretty fabric is on the outside.

Stuff your pillow with fiberfil or the guts from an old pillow (my daughter had a blast ripping apart an old pillow to stuff inside her new one!)

Slip stitch your seam closed.

You now have an easy pillow that id the perfect fit for your child (or project or you or you know whatever)

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