Monday, September 24, 2012

A Bridge, A Park, and One Exhausting Day Out!

Saturday was quite the amazing day out for our little group.

Daddy-O and Momma-N
 Daddy-O had a field trip for Geology class and as the increasingly curious Noodle Doodle is obsessed with rocks right now, I thought a field trip learning about rocks would be a cool thing for her.I was soooo wrong! We spent most of the morning bored in the car because the rocks they were exploring and talking about, were stops on the side of main roads. . Not exactly my idea of a fun thing for a 18 month old and a 2 month old. So rather than watch my precious Noodle Doodle try and play chicken with the cars, we opted to stay in the car while daddy did his extra credit field trip.

Gorgeous Bridge 
Now this isn't to say the field trip was all bad or that they stayed in the car the whole time, but a lot of it we did. Man were the girls bored! Abba Zaba hates her car seat with this awesome passion and Noodle Doodle was just about done with it so after the field trip, we all headed up the mountain and found this really cute little park with this shallow little stream and this beautiful, and I mean beautiful, old stone bridge. We had our little picnic and had some time to play in the water (shallow enough for a toddler, always nice!) and went on a short hike. I think that must at least slightly make up for the morning long car ride. (I hope) The girls loved getting out in the air (Abba Zaba slept but, I think somewhere she still enjoyed it) and Daddy-O and I got to see some incredible views that unfortunately are not part of our every day life anymore. This kind of place and these treks are where Daddy-O is happiest. Teaching Noodle about plants, taking in fresh (er) air, and just enjoying the natural world God created for us. Since we moved farther into the city fresh air is harder to find. We can't wait to move again! But then I'm still apprehensive.

Pretty View, Love this Park!

Standing in the forest on a hiking trail with beautiful views is always almost serene. I love my little corner of the world in so many ways, but I think seeing these little corners is so rare that I am almost excited about the possibility in front of us. We may be leaving this crazy area and finding a new corner to raise the girls, and a new beauty to discover. While this idea has been making me very nervous and pretty crazy, this notion to move has been on our hearts for several years now. Since before Daddy-O and I got married. Daddy-O didn't actually want to stay here when he got home from Japan. So now I am feeling more and more that God is calling us away. He has been preparing me, I feel more prepared for a move now. I will miss this little corner of heaven on earth, but I know a new little corner of heaven is right around the next bend. It helps that I can take part of it with me, my little family :o)

Daddy-O and Noodle Doodle


Happy Trekking!!


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