Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Diaper Routine

My little Helper Abba Zaba Ready To Show You Our Diaper System

Today seems like a good day for diaper posts. We have been cloth diapering our kiddo's since my 1st was about a month old. (We actually planned to cloth diaper from the beginning, but we got disposables at the baby shower and decided to use them.) With now two in diapers, we have a busy system to run! While my stash is relatively small, it does what we need it to do.

We run off of 36 infant sized diapers (mostly Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds), 4 One size Rumparooz Covers (for the toddler) and 8 Newborn Rumparooz Covers and Snappi's. I also cut up and blanket edged flannel baby blankets into 2 huggies boxes worth of cloth wipes. (Which my insane butt actually folds up accordian style to come out of the box just like disposable wipes too.) We use a premade diaper wipe solution (poured over the wipes in the box, which last about a week) that essentially we just add water to. But once I am out of the premade I am considering making my own wipes solution. For diaper cream I also make a really awesome coconut oil based cream (Which I will tutorialize next time I make it.) that cleans up almost every diaper rash we've had within a few short hours, and I will continue to make it long after my girls are diaper free because it works quite similarly to neosporin in our house!
 This is the way I like the basket to look,
Diapers neatly folded, diaper cream and doublers in the close side, neatly stacked . . .

 And this is how our diaper basket normally looks, what can I say we have 2 in diapers.

To review our diapers, I have to say we absolutely love our diapering system, I really don't think we need to add anything more than what we have (except to replace what gets worn out) until we either have more babies or if we ever go back to needing the laundrymat.

I know that some people use all in one diapers and even pocket diapers for their cloth stash and I actually made some of my own before Noodle Doodle was born and I found that they got very little use. While they work great and yes disposable similar, they tended to get dirty and then take forever to dry, while the prefolds took half the time and the covers are mostly reusable, wipe out the inside, throw them back on over the new clean prefold. Unless I had a large stash of all in one diapers it really wouln't be worth it to me. (and all in one's are expensive!) however if I ever did want to use just all-in-one diapers, I would definately use Rumparooz All-In-One Diapers.

Our Rumparooz covers are the best! They have elasticized side gussets that catch almost every mess our kiddo's can dish out, they are very well made to be adjustable and the material stays leak proof longer than others I have tried. I love the hook and loop variety because it makes diaper changes almost as quick as disposables, however they do make a snap closure version and I've noticed that my toddler moves around really freely as compared to some other kids in cloth.The only thing I don't like about them is the logo patch in the back will sometimes leak overnight with heavy wetting.

The other part of our system is Bummis Organic Cotton Prefold's which I have to say soak well, clean up fairly nicely, and don't wear out as fast as others, we had to replace several prefolds from another brand because they started turning into strings in the wash. We do have extra soaker pads that I sometimes (when I remember) use at night time, but other than nights I haven't had a ton of problems with my Bummis prefolds.

And finally the Snappi. While these little gems aren't completely necessary, they keep the prefolds from slipping around a moving kiddo. They were made to replace diaper pins with something a little safer, and they do. It is a rubbery y shape with grippers on the ends that holds the diaper at the waist and then lifts up the rise (between the legs) to keep that diaper snugly in place. And now on to the locale.

My apartment, for all it's downsides has an awesome upside, an amazing bathroom counter. We decided that we wanted to make sure our girls were changed regularly in the bathroom for toilet training ease. When I saw this counter, I was actually kind of excited! Changing diapers on the floor in the last place was a little difficult! I have a diaper basket full of most of our diaper supplies on the counter with a "pillow" washcloth (which will more than likely be obsolete when our younger baby gets a little older and I don't feel so bad about sticking her on the counter without padding) our wipes live on the side next to the sink. Any diaper blowups and mess is easily cleaned up with a smooth surface and the sink and wash materials at the ready. Our bathroom also serves as a hiding for our laundry closet, where I hang the girls covers on the line. (which is normally their home, mostly because the girls use them before they make them into the basket most of the time)

The Diaper Zone

Covers (and socks) on the Line.

On another day I will share our diaper laundering system, but for now disinfecting is important and line drying covers really preserves their life!

So there  you have it, our diapering station extraordinaire! I hope you enjoyed your tour!


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