Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Simple Mason Sugar Jar

Over the past few months I have gotten sick and tired of my sticky messy sugar bowl and decided to get rid of it. There is just too much involved with the sugar bowl, Spoons and sticky messes left when an accidental drip lands in the bowl etc. Too much hassle!! 

The sugar bowl has been consistently gross for as long as we've had it! 

I wanted a sugar jar that I could use and not need spoons and not worry about dropping anything wet into it. So I arrived at a mason jar solution. I realized how simple the salt containers are when baking and decided to make something to work the same . . Version 2.0 might include a metal lid and will most likely work much nicer, but I decided that since I have no tools for the job I had better do the easy peasy way and avoid stitches. . .

To start I pulled out a mason jar and an empty salt container. . .

Ripping the lid off of the container was fairly easy . . 

After that I traced a mason jar lid onto the salt container top . . making sure to leave enough space around the spout to account for the mason jar ring. . . 

I used scissors to cut out the circle slightly smaller than the traced line . . Placed the new cardboard lid into the mason ring . . I had to secure it with a little hot glue to make sure that the lid doesn't buckle when opened and used . . .

All that was left is to fill the jar and label it! Easy Peasy Sugar Jar! No more mess, No more fuss! The morning coffee prep will be much less of a pain in the morning!



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